Ready Mix Concrete

Easy Ready mix concrete to suit you. Please see below an outline guide on the various mixes available and their uses.
C10/GEN 1
A general mix used through-out construction, often referred to as “footings mix”.
C20/GEN 3
Suitable for foundations for large walls, garages, houses and extensions as well as reinforced bases and over sites for conservatories.
Ideal for foundations in bad ground, pavement construction, stable floors, driveways, patios and garages.
As C30 mix and also used for piling and loading areas with heavy wear and tear.
PAV 1/ PAV 2
PAV 1 and PAV 2 is a C30/C35 mix respectively with an air-entrainer additive which protects against freeze-thaw, making it useful for outdoor paving.
Used for road construction, slurry and silage pits, septic tanks, stabling and agricultural yards. A strong mix that can withstand acids and chemicals as well as excessive wear and tear.